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My name is Edna Solomon. As the founder of Dent-Temp Careers I have had a rewarding career in dental assisting myself. I saw the demand for trained dental assistants and decided to start my own business to help people gain this rewarding employment.

Dent-Temp Careers careers has been a part of the dental world for over twenty years. During that time thousands of people have passed through our doors and gone onto successful and rewarding careers in dental assisting.

Dental Assistantry is an expanding field, and in response Dent-Temp Careers is expanding its proven operations through franchising its training schools.

Successful students

Another successful class of students. Join them !

Many succesful students have found happiness and rewards from their experience with Dent-Temp Careers.

Remember, any one of them could be you. Contact us today and change your life for the better.