Program Description

The Dent-Temp Careers program consists of six specific courses.*
Course 1
Dental terminology equipment, 2 hours
Sterilization, 2 hours
Amalgam procedure, 12 hours
This course will cover dental terminology, sterilization procedures and amalgam. Basic tray setup instruments names and uses and sequence of instrument transfer, will be introduced.

Course 2
Composite procedure, 9 hours
This course will cover the uses of instruments and materials in composite procedures.

Course 3
Radiology, 8 hours
This course will cover Radiology terminology, theory, equipment, settings and film developing.

Course 4
Prosthodontics procedures, 6 hours
This course will cover crown, temporary crown and procedures, materials used, and pouring models.

Course 5
Endodontics procedures, 6 hours
This course will cover endodontics materials, instruments and indications for endotherapy.

Course 6
Oral surgery, 6 hours
Sealants, bleaching, nightguard 5 hours
This course will cover extractions, periodontal surgeries, sealants, bleaching and nightguards.

The cost of the Dent-Temp Careers program includes:

Costs Include
Use of text books
Use of all dental materials and equipment
Typed notes for all classes

* Many states require dental assistants to be certified in Radiology. The exam is given by the ADAA (American Dental Assistant Association) and is independent of the school. The test and testing fee are NOT included in the course of tuition.

Time involved in the Dent-Temp Careers program

There are 56 total hours in the course.